My First Post – Hello and Welcome

I have had my ups and downs, disappointments, successes you name it in my life and I’m only 29. But it made me think of how I got through this and how I’m going to get through everything that’s currently on my plate and all I can think of is my FAITH, my GOD!!

How awesome is it to know that there’s a greater good, a mighty God who has our back in everything we do?

My story starts from when I was 15 years old. I could remember this day as if it happened yesterday. My dad called my mom and sister to my room and he sat us down and said, we lost EVERYTHING. At that point I did not really understand what he meant with everything but he explained that everything meant everything, the house, cars, etc. My heart sank into my shoes and I can remember that all I did was cry. Cry myself to sleep, cry at school the next day, I just cried for days and weeks. And the worst part was that I did not cry because I was worried about what I wouldn’t be able to buy anymore or anything else, I cried because the sad, disappointed, failure look in my dad’s eyes broke my heart into pieces. The look that he gave was like “I dropped you guys, I have failed my job as the head of the house, and I have failed as a husband and father”.

The years went by and I still do not know how my parents have managed to put my sister and myself through school, college or how they were able to buy my sister a car, because she had to have one to get to class or how my parents managed to give us an allowance every month so that we can have food on our table and a place to stay in. But what I do know is that God carried them through every little thing, every little obstacle. Whether it was because they were blessed by other people who helped them financially or whether my dad got a sale, but like I said God had their backs all this time.

Now 13 years later, I’m married to the most wonderful husband who I have learnt a lot from and who carries me and supports me through out everything and we are expecting our first child, and I think back on everything my family and I had to go through and all that I can say is, Thank you to God, my Saviour. I’m sitting here writing this post and thinking, life is actually OK. Yes it’s not necessary where I thought I would be, the plan I had for my life, but it made me realize that we cannot make plans but rather we have to open our hearts and follow the plan that GOD has for us. There’s a reason my life turned out the way it did and why I’m currently where I am in my life. But If I had to compare my life with some of my friends/family members, some of them who lost loved ones or some of them who is also struggling financially or whatever other struggle they might have, all I can say is that I’m truly grateful for my life and that I truly believe that the best is still yet to come and that we can live the “Life As We Know It”.

So the reason for this blog is to share my disappointments, life stories, advice, failures and successes to whoever is willing to listen and learn. To have conversations that might help other people who are in the same situations. I believe that we can help each other through our Faith. If you have any questions, stories to share or even advice please share with me for all to see. May God Bless you all.

Please follow me and share your stories. There’s a lot still to come, watch this space.

Until next time.

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