Family = Priceless

Sometimes it’s really hard to find inspiration on what to write about and your mind feels completely blank. But then you look around yourself and you see the heart-breaking poverty, or the beautiful day that God has given, babies, loving families anything you can think of whether it’s good or bad. So I was thinking to myself what was different this week than any other week and it popped up into mind that over this weekend we celebrated Father’s day. I thought, well that would be a great thing to share to you guys, my parents. I did not have this blog when we celebrated Mother’s day so I decided I will talk about both my parents.


My parents are basically my inspiration mainly because of what they had to go throughout their lives for my sister and me. They basically bended over backwards for us just to make sure that we have the best education, a degree behind our names so that we can get a proper jobs and so that we can look after ourselves. I really wish that I could be like my parents one day, bring up my kids the way they did us because we really learnt so much from them. We learnt what to do and what not do, how we should treat people older than even people younger than us, one of my favourite things “respect is earned and not just given”, always be truthful to yourself and others, never take anything or anyone for granted – there’s so many things I can actually write a book about this.


So basically what I want to say is that I thank God every day for my parents and for the type of person I am (there is a bit of tweaking that should happen…haha) because I grew up in the best environment that God chose for me and every day I can take my past experiences and what I have learnt from parents and use it to my daily life.


There are so many other “peers/parents” that inspired me. My aunts and uncles played a huge role in my life they were and will always be my other parents. We grew up in a big family and the family was and still are in each other’s business – and I mean this in a good way – and we are all so close and would not change them for anything.


And lastly but not the least my in laws. They are both an inspiration to me, just because of my husband I knew that they are great people with the best morals and values and that they were the best teachers because if I look at my husband I can just thank them daily because of the person he is. So caring, loving and his heart is big and is aim is always set on God.


I finish this post with one of my favourite quotes: “Family is where life begins and love never ends”


Please share your stories.


Thank you for following my blog and God bless.

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