A Thankful Recognition

The last couple of days a lot happened that made me appreciate my life so much. Over the weekend we had our baby shower for our little boy. There I realised with how many people we are blessed with in our lives and how they already love this little bundle of joy that’s growing in my tummy without even meeting or seeing him. He was so spoiled and we are absolutely grateful for all the love that was spread out over this day for our little guy.

Then in the week following our little guy’s baby shower, it was my husband’s and my wedding anniversary. 3 years married and 8 years together in total. It does not seem that long but for us it feels like a lifetime…haha just joking. I have to say I cannot wait for the next 50+ years together and our journey that’s ahead of us is going awesome and I’m really excited because if we walk our journey with God by our side we have nothing to lose. I’m so grateful for my husband. Sometimes I realize that I take my husband for granted (even on the smallest of things) and that I’m absolutely grateful that I do not have any issues regarding our relationship and the way we treat each other and the love we have for each other and just live our lives together. Inside me a new profound appreciation wakes up and I realize that what I have is absolutely perfect for me and I wouldn’t change anything because I know that God chose my husband for me and that is the most wonderful thought that crosses my mind. Once again if God is for us who will ever be against us.

We have such great role models in our lives when it comes to marriage that we cannot fail and it’s thanks to God that we have these people in our lives to show us what to do and not to do in a marriage. Yes we will always stumble and fall but it’s the way we get up and move on that makes or breaks the relationship. That’s the only way we will learn and grow stronger together.

There’s so much we actually take for granted and once again I appreciate what I have. There’s so many people out there in the world that’s suffering. Whether it’s financial, heart break, religion, relationships, food, housing, friends, your kids, and family – you name it. And then I look back at my life and I think you have nothing to worry about, your worries is so small compared to anybody else. And then once again I realize that what I have all comes from God and it might not be what I want now but I have to believe and have faith that in time I will understand why it happened the way it did.

I appreciate you all for reading my blog and for following it. Thanks to you all and may God bless you. I’m going to conclude my post with the below quote I found:

“Always show appreciation. What’s taken for granted will eventually be taken away. Then you end up missing most what you least appreciated.”

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