Unforeseen Miracles

I know it’s been a while that I have written something. But the last couple of weeks especially the last few days was hectic and my life changed in a heartbeat.

The last word “my life changed in a heartbeat” has a very interesting ring to my story. So on Saturday 12 August 2017 our baby boy was born with an emergency c-section – 4 weeks too early. While i was lying on the operation table completely numb the anesthetist lifted my head and said “look they going to take out your baby boy”. As they took him out of my tummy I instantly started crying, tears of joy of course, that this little bundle of joy is ours. A Gift from God so that we can look after him on behalf of God and his Empire.

How is it that when you hear that first cry when they take your baby out that you instantly fall in love with this little human you’ve been carrying around for months in your body. That’s where I come in with the phrase “my life changed in a heartbeat”. Not necessarily mine but the heartbeat of my boy. At that moment I knew that my husband and my life has changed instantly and all for good, the greater good. Wow what a little miracle he his.

The day I was discharged they told us that our boy has Jaundice and we need to keep him on phototherapy for 48 hours. I know that it’s quite common in babies who was born too early or through c-section but at that moment I broke down in tears. I knew that it was not going to be easy to see him like that and that we need to do everything in our power to make him healthy again. The responsibility was ours now and that scared me. But needless to say after a tough 48 hours he was cleared and we could go back to normal. We prayed and thanked God for every little goal we had to achieve and achieved in these 48 hours. If you put your mind to something I really do believe that you can achieve your goals in anyway.

I want to conclude my blog today that my husband and I prayed daily for this little boy of ours and we know now that Miracles do happen. So whatever burden you are going through, whether it’s big or small God is in control and that miracles do happen. He will give it to you in the way He thinks is best for you. 

Just keep on praying – never stop. 


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