Me, Myself & I

My Name is Tammy and I’m 29 years old. I grew up in South Africa. I love the outdoors, sports, being creative but also numbers (what a combination). I have a passion for my religion because it teached me so much over the years. I have a passion for my family and close friends, people who had a positive affect on my life. You’ll see by the images on my blog that i do love coffee and anything that goes with it…like the winter, cold, snuggling under the blankets, in front of the fire, drink a nice glass of red wine. Lovely!!! But i have to say every now and then i do enjoy the summer were you can go swim in the ocean, eat ice cream, just bath in the sun and enjoy the summer evenings.

I also do love to travel. If i could travel for a living i would grab this opportunity today. To be able to see the world that God created for us to see, all the beautiful places and the interesting people and cultures to explore. Travelling the world is definitely on my bucket list.

I’ve been happily married to my husband for almost 3 years now and we are expecting our first boy soon. We are very excited. My husband is my anchor and my strength and I’m so thankful to God for my life mate He chose for me and for the beginning of out family.

I have a great family whose support will never grow old. We’ve carried each other through thick and thin and we have each other’s backs in everything we take on, little or big.

I thank God each day for my wonderful husband and for my family. Without Him nothing would be possible.

I’m starting this blog to share my life stories and by doing that I hope that you guys are willing to share yours so that we all can learn from each other. For hope for our situations.

I will also in due future start making and selling things…so please watch this space.

Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy my blog.